Top 4 athletes in the history of San Diego

There have been many great sportsmen in San Diego. They have made San Diego famous worldwide. People of San Diego have always been very enthusiastic about sports. Here is a list of some of the top athletes that people of San Diego will never forget.

Charlie Powell

The two brothers participated in various sports during the ‘50s at San Diego High. Charlie holds the school’s shot put record. He played professional football for the ‘49ers’. He was the fourth-ranked heavyweight boxer in the world.

Marcus Allen

He is one of the greatest football players in San Diego. He was also an excellent basketball player and scored 49 points in the Summer League basketball final at the Peterson Gym. He was also a baseball player and could high jump as well.

Junior Seau

He is an outstanding NFL player. He also played basketball. He became the CIF Player of the Year for basketball. He is one of the best athletes in San Diego.

Gail Devers

He won the country title in the running. He won two Olympic 100-meter sprint gold medals. He is also good at long jump and hurdles. He had a successful sports career.

All these great players have made San Diego known as a place where great athletes are born. They will always be remembered as the greatest athletes of San Diego. They are a real inspiration to the young athletes of San Diego.

Top 5 athletes who became very successful even after they retired

It is known that the career of an athlete has a very small life. They see the peak for a few years and then with age and performance, their career starts to decline. Here are some athletes who have been successful even after they retired as an athlete.

Roger Staubach

He was known a ‘Captain America’ when he was a professional football player. He plays with the Dallas Cowboys from 1969 to 1979. He found great success after retirement. He won two Super Bowls in the ‘70s. After his retirement, he started doing commercial real estate business and found great success there.

Arnold Palmer

He started his professional golfer career in 1954. He started the Golf Channel and designed about 200 golf courses throughout the world. Many golf clubs and golf clothes now have his name on them. People now call him ‘Mr. Golf’.

Michael Jordan

He is the basketball star. He has won six NBA championships for his team and got the ‘NBA Most Valuable Player’ trophy five times. After his retirement, he has been doing corporate endorsements in companies like Nike and Gatorade.

George Foreman

He was a heavyweight boxer and has won the world heavyweight championship twice. He got the gold medal in Olympic in 1968. After retirement, he has become the spokesman for the ‘George Foreman Grill.’ It is a fat-reducing grilling machine. This machine has been very successful. He is also a spokesman for various car companies.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

He started out his career as a football player and has won a national championship on 1991. He played in the Canadian Football League. He later focused his attention on professional wrestling and became ‘The Rock.’ He won 10 world championships. He is now a successful action movie actor.

Most athletes retire by the age of 40, and they need to make a plan about how they are going to lead the rest of their lives. These athletes have found huge success in the ventures they pursued after their sports career and are a great inspiration to the professional athletes.

5 characteristics that make someone a good coach

A good coach is necessary to improve the performance of any sports team. Hiring a good coach can be difficult. However, the following characteristics of coaches can help you find out the best coach.

Make athletes believe in themselves

Good coaches inspire the players so that they can perform better. They encourage players to cross their limits and make them confident that they can reach the set boundaries. Good coaches build up self –esteem. They don’t praise for a mediocre performance, for example. They will give you the true feedback so that you can improve your sporting skills.

They are good life teachers

Good coaches not only teach players the sport’s tactics, but they also share important life lessons. For example, a good coach will teach you how to be patient, hardworking and ambitious. They will teach you how to deal with teammates, or deal with failure, etc.

Understand the individual differences in the players

The coaches know that every player is different. They have different capabilities and characteristics. Some athletes can improve performance drastically, while others need a lot of time and practice to improve. A good coach keeps these in mind.

They are flexible

Coaches look for a better way to improve the performance of each player or athlete. They are flexible in their teaching techniques. Instead of holding onto one approach, they can change their strategy according to circumstances.

They are good communicators

They not only teach different techniques to the players or gives them advice, but they also take the time to listen to their problems. A good coach understands the need of a two-way communication for obtaining the best results.

All these are characteristics of a good coach. If you are a sportsperson and want to become a coach in future, then you must remember these so that you can become a better coach and get positive results for your team.